Project strategy

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Some leading thoughts are outlined in the project launch blog post also.

From our experiences working and organising as Autonomic, the tech co-op who initiated Co-op Cloud, we know that the progressive tech movement lack reliable and cost-effective technical means for providing an alternative to “Big Tech” cloud services.

The urgency for providing an alternative comes out of the understanding that the concentration of our digital lives within the private sphere of corporate providers (e.g. GAFAM) represents a loss of freedom due to the threat to our privacy and self-determination through surveillance and monopolisation.

As a movement, we cannot compete with corporate providers in terms of cost and scale. Their network effects and available capital means that no one project, product or organisation can create the required shift to a more widespread public interest technology.

Technology alone will not save us. Simply deploying libre software is not enough.

Our strategy is to mutualise our resources to facilitate this shift. Co-op Cloud is an attempt to create a new shared resource - an open and democratically managed, open standards based, copyleft licensed, libre software infrastructure project.

From this base, we can focus on the urgent and necessary social organising work that goes beyond the technical question.