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Resolution 012

  • Budget 006: Abra integration test suite
  • Date: 2023-09-09
  • Deadline: 2023-09-23
  • Size: Large


Recent attempts to continue developing features and fixes have lead to several regressions in Abra. It's more difficult to make progress and it's unclear if changes will create more bugs. Abra has always had bugs and we've relied on user testing to smoke those out.

However, we're reaching a scale where it's very difficult to test all changes with just user testing. Also, there is only so far you can go with user testing before bug fatigue and frustration is the norm.

It's time to build a robust Abra integration test suite which can help us stop regressions from happening and rely less on user testing. This will help us move forward with larger changes in Abra which we can then test and have confidence that the base functionality is not broken.

Details (Budget 006)

References so far: - 3wc & myself (d1) have had a planning meeting - The first PR and proof of concept has landed in Abra - Initial documentation has been written

With some further experimentation, I'm relatively confident that this approach will allow us to implement an integration test suite which covers the majority of the Abra functionality. It's a lot of work. I'm estimating this to come in at 30 hours of work.

Budget amount: 600 EUR (30 hrs * 20 EUR/hr)

Who will implement this: decentral1se

When will the money be spent: Before the end of October 2023.

What is the money for: Implementing an Abra integration test suite.