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Installer script source

You can view that here.

Installer prerequisites

  • tar
  • wget
  • curl (only if using curl method below)

Stable release


wget -q -O - | bash


curl | bash

Release candidate


wget -q -O - | bash -s -- --rc


curl | bash -s -- --rc

Manual verification

You can download the abra binary yourself from the releases page along with the checksums.txt file and verify it's integrity with the following command.

sha256sum -c checksums.txt --ignore-missing

If you see a line starting with abra_... which matches the filename you downloaded and it ends with OK - you're good to go!

abra_X.X.X-beta_linux_x86_64: OK

Otherwise, you downloaded a corrupted file and you should re-download it.

Compile from source

Follow the guide here

Using Docker

docker run \
  -v $HOME/.abra:/.abra \ app ls


If you're using symlinks, e.g. for sharing ~/.abra, add more -v options for each directory you're symlinking to, e.g. -v $HOME/Projects/CoopCloud/apps:/home/user/Projects/CoopCloud/apps