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abra upgrade

Release candidate

abra upgrade --rc

Migration guides

v0.4.x -> v0.5.x

v0.3.x -> v0.4.x

Make sure to back up your ~/.abra/servers configurations first for safety.

  • Please run mv ~/.abra/apps ~/.abra/recipes.

  • "app name" as a concept went away, abra now uses the domain name of an app as the identifier. However, we don't expect to see breaking behaviour if you have .env files like ~/.abra/servers/ and you still want to run abra app ps mycoolapp. abra still reads the filename to figure out the identifier. When running abra app new <recipe>, abra will now take the domain name as the name of the .env file.

  • abra has a new SSH implementation which enforces SSH host key checking. You may run into connection issues as a result of this code churn, please see this entry for help navigating a fix.

  • CLI flag/args handling has been made more flexible. We're working within the constraints of an upstream library issue but have hopefully made it easier to mange passing flags to commands with abra. See this troubleshooting entry for the full review.

  • A number of short style flags have been re-mapped and/or added. This is again related to an issue with the upstream CLI library which sometimes understands short style flags as long style flags. E.g. --ch instead of -ch for --chaos. As a concrete example, --ch is now -C on abra app deploy.

  • abra app backup & abra app restore are ready for alpha-testing! See this entry and that entry for more.

  • abra server add --traefik went away, it was too unreliable & hard to maintain.