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  • Fixed monthly Federation meeting (3rd Mon, etc) @basebuilder
  • Project re-organisation (recipes, tools, fedi repos) @d1
  • Backup specification @p4u1

The Rest

  • Non-Federation tasks specific bounty / funding @basebuilder
  • Website and docs work to better showcase federation - @kawaiipunk
  • Recipe maintainence proposal - @kawaiipunk
  • "Hacking velocity = slow & money" (RE: recent fedi orga chat) @d1
  • Continuing budget 001 for meeting attendance, resolution 004 technically only covered 6 months to oct 2023 @3wc (but I won't be there)


Fixed monthly Federation meeting (3rd Mon, etc)

Talked about it couple of times, back and forth. - People who want to do regular can do that - Other people can do polled meeting - Poll every month is time consuming - Timezones is an issue

Poll options for meeting 1. fix time/date every month 1. fixed time/date with timezone wraparound (can be merged with 1. :) 1. flexible every month (poll) 1. fixed week with poll (day of week, - software with heatmap of availability

Project re-organisation (recipes, tools, fedi repos)

Problem: All projects are under one organisation (coop-cloud). Abra has to do a lot of work to figure out what is a recipe repo and what not. This got fixed but made recipe generation really slow

Proposal: 3 Organisations in gitea: - Recipes - Tools - Projects

What to look out for: - Redirects (mainly for recipes) - SSH will break though -> could make a migration script for that?

Maybe "tools" / "projects" not needed, only "recipes" / "other".

Backup Specification

Needing to write operators and matainers guide

  • [ ] should abra implement backup and restore or only provide an integration?
  • [ ] should we add a specification version?

Next Meeting

  • Who: ???