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Who is this for?

Welcome to the Co-op Cloud documentation 🥳

The documentation is aimed at a technical audience: tech co-ops, collectives and individuals who are curious about Co-op Cloud or are already running and managing Co-op Cloud deployments.

A more general public may still find these pages useful but if you're just looking for a quick overview of the project from a less technical perspective, you can take a look at

We'd be happy to hear feedback about our documentation, if it was helpful, what was missing, what was confusing, etc., please get in touch!

Quick start

Here be dragons

This project is still beta quality software 💣 Please take that into consideration if you are thinking about using this system in production. We're working hard to make Co-op Cloud stable. In the meantime, this is a good time to help us out with initial testing, feedback, ideas or join in with development.

  • Operators guide: You run a Co-op Cloud based deployment or want to do so 💻

  • Maintainers guide: You maintain recipes and ensure things run smoothly for operators 🛠

  • Organisers guide: You run meetings, write guidelines & shape our democratic process ✊

  • Recipes: You want to know what recipes are packaged so you can deploy them as apps 🤓

  • Abra: You want to install the command-line client and hack the planet 🦄

  • Get involved: You'd like to help out with the project, we've love to see you stick around ❤

  • Glossary: You'd like clarification about project terminology 📖