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Resolution 020

  • Topic: Budget 10: Abra integration suite automation
  • Date: 04-04-2024
  • Deadline: 18-04-2024
  • Size: Large


Motivated by the collective release planning: #583 under "Automate Integration Test Suite".

The latest abra release (0.9.x) was heavily delayed due to several issues. One of those was the need to fix the integration test suite which wasn't run in some time. Many breakages had crept into the test suite over time. This can avoided in the future by automating the running of the integration test suite.

This proposal describes a way to do this and includes a budget for doing so.

Details (Budget 10)

The abra test suite takes around 1.30 hrs to run on a modest machine. Therefore, we propose to run it only once daily. Some parts of the tests are slow, fast and only a few require public DNS. This means we can break up the tests and run them in separate "builds" to speed things up. This involves some research & experimentation.

A server has been provided by @mirsal on donation (💘). This machine will be be wiped clean each day (docker <command> prune ....) and will have the usual DNS machinery attached to it, e.g., *

Once that is all wired up, we can implement the CI/CD configuration to make the test suite run automatically once a day. This will be triggered via the .drone.yml in the abra Git repository.

Budget details:

Item Cost Who?
Server Free (on donation) @mirsal
Server setup & docs 1 hour @d1
R & D for breaking up tests 5 hours @d1
Implementing CI/CD configs 10 hours @d1

Total: 16 hrs * 20 EUR = 320 EUR