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The following are the bylaws which the Co-op Cloud: Federation has decided democratically and layout our governance processes 🏛 ✊

What is the Co-op Cloud Federation?

We're still working things out, here's what know so far!

  • It's membership based
  • It's operates democratically
  • It's about mutualising resources and sharing
  • We want to do nice things together

How many votes makes quorom for a Large Decision?

According to Resolution 001, large decisions can pass when:

more than 50% of total number of federation members 👍 votes

Please see the membership docs to get the up-to-date membership listing and find the final count for quorom.

How do I join the federation?

According to Resolution 002:

To join the federation an existing member must create a large decision to approve of the new member (paid or solidarity).

So, please get in touch if you'd like to join!