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Abra cheat sheet


not all flags are listed here.


Definitely set up autocomplete or you'll be sad

abra autocomplete bash/zsh/fizsh

create and deploy a new app:

  • abra app new $RECIPE flags: -s/--server, -D/--domain, -S/--secrets, -p/--pass
  • abra app config $APPNAME
  • abra app secret generate $APPNAME -a flags: -p/--pass, -a/--all
  • abra app deploy $APPNAME flags: -f/--force, -C/--chaos

undeploy and remove an app

  • back up any data you don't want to lose
  • abra app undeploy $APPNAME
  • abra app rm --volumes $APPNAME flags: -f/--force, -V/--volumes

add/remove server

  • abra server add $SERVER $USERNAME $SSH_PORT flags: -p/--provision, -l/--local
  • abra server remove $SERVER flags: -s/--server

upgrade abra

  • abra upgrade flags: --rc

upgrade a recipe

  • abra recipe upgrade $RECIPE flags: -x,y,z/--major,minor,patch
  • abra recipe sync $RECIPE flags: -x,y,z
  • abra recipe release $RECIPE [$VERSION] flags: -p/--publish, -r/--dry-run, -x,y,z

make a change to a recipe

  • edit the files in ~/.abra/recipe/$RECIPENAME
  • deploy the changed version to your test instance
  • determine how serious your change is ( for reference)
  • abra recipe release $RECIPE [$VERSION]