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Co-op Cloud Federation Meeting 2023-05-03

Notes from last meeting:



(All times UTC, as sharp as possible)

  • Introductions / checkins (5m)
  • How you're doing
  • Which organisation are you attached to? (if applicable)
  • a fun (or terrible) Co-op Cloud experience you've had recently
    • Packaging Rustdesk server πŸ₯³
    • Realising backupbot labels didn't work 😱
    • Upgrading with missing backups πŸ˜… Deployed 18-20 apps at once, wrote a script 🀯
    • Immovable force meets unstoppable bug, no deployments β›”
  • Decisions - what passed, any new proposals? (10m)
  • we review the existing resolutions
  • Resolution 005 / process
    • trav: sticking to 2 week deadline for proposals?
    • d1: there was a meeting where we talked about it being a small decision but then it became medium. G
    • trav: ahh mixups happen, I don't feel strongly ultimately.
    • yksflip: maybe check-in with cas but call it passed (?). 2 weeks is a good amount of time but can understand you'd want to move on more quickly.
    • 3wc: 2 week default good. Very async coordination, espeically if folks have to go back to their co-op to check-in. Fewer people will see it the shorter it is.
    • Moritz: how to know size of the decision?
    • 3wc: smallest decision size that seems fair.
    • d1 in chat: 'who is affected by the decision'
    • d1: 2 weeks seems good, simpler to stick to that going forward. Super duper emergency budget
  • What does the second point of Resolution 004 mean
    • 3wc: first Budget is a budget for these meetings.
  • Superduperemergencybudget
    • Trav: For emergency work?
    • d1: yes, but the part that's missing is to know what is super duper emergency. There are a lot of P1 bugs but they're not all show-stoppers. There are a number of things that need to be fixed quicker than 2 weeks
    • 3wc: emergency firefighter. Up to whoever proposes the budget as to what the structure would look like.
  • abra fixes Budget / proposal thingy
  • d1: if this was proposed today, wait 2 weeks and then I'd fix them. Or standing budget?
  • trav: suggestion is wait 2 weeks then implement? or agree standing budget?
  • 3wc: yes, but also passing emergency budget would also take 2 weeks, no?
  • d1: propose this and do 10 hours or do a "10 hours" proposal and fit this into it. Not show-stopping bugs but 2 weeks wont kill us.
  • trav: might be worth passing 10h/mo, something/month for fixes, maintenance / emergency. non-binding poll / gitea voting β†’ what to work on. vs having to package bug work together. less bureaucracy.
  • d1: can re-work decision 6 into a maintenance budget. Curious how we want to bubble-up the bugs. Board? Label?
  • yksflip: standing maintenance makes sense to me.
  • federation bootstrap funds πŸ€‘
  • trav: there's money leftover from donor
  • d1: 6k in the pot, get the work funded.
  • trav: buffer tho?
  • Moritz: I'm paid from Local IT. How to decide who is doing which fixes?
  • d1: people tend to do stuff they want to see done. Some way to share would be good....?
  • 3wc: tags. Tickets labeled as part of maintenance budget. If assigned to someone, they are point person. Plot twist: time expectation. Someone takes something on and it's unclear when that's going to happen. Claim things for up to a week or 2 but don't claim it until you're ready to work on it.
  • ** we love it **
  • d1 to roll into maintenance proposal
  • doop coop dues waiver
  • 3wc: yusef posted, side project, low income, would like to participate. 1 year waiver of dues. They seem enthusiastic and helpful person to be around.
  • trav: can decide now? " Individuals/groups wanting to join Co-op Cloud who aren’t able to make a financial contribution may request a solidarity free membership." doesn't say how to make decision
  • d1: medium seems fine
  • Moritz: instead of dues perhaps doing some abra fixes
  • Philip: agree on waiving fees for them. How to define time to spend on project. Alternative membership fee, donate time?
  • 3wc: part of inspiration for fedration is Co-op Cycle: too complicated to track work and money. Have to track money so wont track work. Like the simplicity. Wage is €20/h, in-kind work contribution would be 30 minutes of work contribution per month.
  • d1: reflecting on unions etc, pay dues and also contribute. Something to think about.

  • Checkouts

didn't get to: * Breakout groups? * Software tools * Finances * Outreach * Development * next meeting? Is it monthly? I forget.