Contributing guide

You don't have to be a programmer to contribute to this project!

Firstly, come say hello in our chat room if you'd like to help out 👋 We are happy to have designers, thinkers, hackers, documenters, etc. involved in this project! There is a lot of work to do, if you find this project interesting, we want to have you working with us.

We have a weekly check-in for contributors of this project to let each other know what we're working on, how much time we've spent on it and how to coordinate further work.

We have a public bike map showing what we are aiming to achieve in the near future. That gives a good overview of where we're going together.

From this bike map, we use an issue tracker where we hold discussions about what we want to do. We categorise these issues according to the bike map using these milestones. Finally, use this board to keep track of what we're working on right now. We collectively review these things on a weekly/monthly basis to keep track of our time spent vs. budget available.

Once you've found something to work on and are introduced, we'll give you an account on our time tracking infrastructure where you can log your times. This helps us reduce the burden of financial and time keeping admin falling on one person.

We have received funding via the ECF and can offer £16 hourly rate for your work. We've written more on why we think it is important to compensate all contributions for this project.