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Community organising

Monthly updates on progress

We have decided we'll try to do monthly progress updates. These will be published on the Co-op Cloud blog.

It's a pretty loose format and we're basically just copy/pasta'ing things to a public pad during the month:

This month in Co-op Cloud

Feel free to add your items to the monthly agenda and they will be included!

Kite Flying Hours

The "Kite Flying Hour" is a weekly public moment where anyone can "drop by" into a Jitsi call and ask/do/propose whatever and meet some people who are currently working on the project. We haven't worked it all out but our process for now is the following:

  • Someone from Autonomic will volunteer to be present and talk about the project for an hour weekly from 15:00 CEST - 16:00 CEST
  • We announce the hour via our socials
  • A pinned toot on
  • A pinned tweet on @Coop_Cloud
  • A post to the room

Here is some invitation boilerplate which you can use:

Hey folks, you're all warmly invited to the Co-op Cloud Kite Flying Hour at $X_TIME $Y_TZ $Z_DATE over in!

Inspired by exquisite childhood memories of flying kites, eating popsicles and looking at clouds, it's an open hour to come hang out online and discuss/co-work/lurk/etc. around the Co-op Cloud project.

There are no "stupid questions"! It's a space to inquire, be curious and have a good time and get to know each other.

We take notes and doodle on this collaboratively editable pad. If you don't have time to attend, feel free to drop your questions and some contact details also, so we can get in touch. This is only the first Kite Flying Hour in a recurring series of Kite Flying Hours.

Hope to see you there! ☁️ 🌞 🖥️