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Back-up and restore an app

We'll use the example of a coop-cloud/wordpress app deployed at

Backing up

abra app wordpress_blog_example_com backup --all

This will download backups of the Wordpress files (plugins, themes, and uploads) and database (posts, settings and users) to the default backup directory, ~/.abra/backups.

You can also back up just the files:

abra app wordpress_blog_example_com backup app

or just the database:

abra app wordpress_blog_example_com backup db


Not all types of apps know how to do backups yet -- if you see a message like ERROR: 'nextcloud' doesn't know how to do app backups, then extra code is needed in that app's -- you might be able to add this yourself based on coop-cloud/wordpress, otherwise please open a new issue (in this case for coop-cloud/nextcloud).


You can restore data into a running application. This is useful to restore an app to a previous state, to migrate an app from one Co-op Cloud server to another, or to help move an app to Co-op Cloud initially.

Using the same example app above, you can restore files:

abra app wordpress_blog_example_com restore app blog_example_com_app.tar.gz

and/or the database:

abra app wordpress_blog_example_com restore db blog_example_com_db.sql.gz

(there isn't yet a command to restore files and database data at the same time)